Imagine the character dynamics of Star Wars in a modern day Indiana Jones universe.  Epic Adventures follows Jason Carter and his sometimes, reluctant companions on a worldwide campaign to discover a vast fortune in treasure and unravel an ancient mystery.  Disguised as a reality show, this lighthearted action-adventure encapsulates all the energy of video games like Unchartered and Tomb Raider while being presented in a mock reality format reflective of shows like Modern Family and The Office.



Epic Adventures is a tribute to the films that gave birth to the “blockbuster”.  The show has a larger than life feel with an Indy look that will translate to the Youtube, authentic age of Internet television.  The grand adventures, grand characters and unmistakable villains are highly entertaining, diverse and traditional, showcased in the reality TV format.   


No adventure would be epic unless it spanned a vast array of terrains as beautiful as they are dangerous.  The Epic Adventures series is nothing short of epic as it takes our heroes across ancient lands, starting in Russia, then to China, Egypt, India, the Africa’s and then at last back to the Americas.  How the heroes get there will be as iconic as the places they visit.  Jason has purchased an old warplane and like the infamous Millennium Falcon it is at times barely able to get off the ground, but it packs a punch!  When the characters travel by sea, they manage it by boarding a retired battleship.  These vehicles will become characters in themselves.



Epic Adventures is an episodic roller coaster ride that is filled cliff-hangers and subplots to draw audiences week after week.  The characters and concept feel familiar right from the start, but unique elements to keep audiences guessing, laughing and entertained as our heroes duck danger at every turn.  One thing is for certain… Adventure really is just bad planning.




Epic Adventures is an hour long episodic action adventure series.  It is currently in post production.  Details and a sneak peak is available for viewing below.