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Director:  Allen Saulnier

Genre:  Drama


A militant version of Anonymous wages war on governments and mega corporations.  They kidnap a journalist so that the world will know their story.  Hactivists with the means and expertise to change the world.  Are they a force for good or just another version of a terrorist?




Bijou Baxter Baby


Director:  Allen Saulnier

Genre:  Suspense Thriller


In 2011 Bijou Baxter created her YouTube channel.  She put her life online and the world watched it fall apart.  Bijou Baxter Baby is the shocking and true story of the tragedy and unexplained events that occurred over the course of the last five years.  Bijou Baxter is the only survivor in a multiple murder suicide case that was captured entirely on camera.  Witness the story that shocked her community and YouTube viewers around the world. 


Filmmaker Allen Saulnier has created a masterpiece by compiling Bijou's own footage from her chilling online video diary.



Creator: Allen Saulnier

Genre:  Action Adventure


Epic Adventures is exactly what the title promises.  Jason, Bobby and Maya lead a team of unlikely travelers into a world of action and danger as they race against the evil mercenary group and secret society for an ancient treasure.  It is a light-hearted series that embodies the epic saga.  







Director:  Allen Saulnier

Genre:  Suspense


Three estranged friends attempt to rekindle their friendship by taking an adventure vacation across the Canadian Rockies.  They must face the dangers of rock climbing, wildlife and long buried secrets.  When it becomes clear that one of them has revenge planned, the trip turns into a fight for survival. 







Director: Allen Saulnier

Genre:  Fantasy, Thriller


An official selection of the NIN Ghosts film festival. Ghosts is an eight part mini-series that explores a mysterious bloodline wrapped up in murder, curses and the forces of good and evil.  The series is a combination of intense storytelling, unforgettable music and thrilling cliffhangers. 









Director: Allen Saulnier

Genre: Children's Comedy


Between the Bells is a fun-loving story that reminds the young and old how tough and hilarious it is to be a kid.  A motley crew of characters that must survive from the first bell to the last on a (not so) typical school day.  Memorable performances, reflective moments and laughs from start to finish.



Between The Bells